Repair & Maintenance

Maintain the longevity of your roof.

Cache Roofing not only installs new tile, metal, and shingle roofs. We also serve the community with a well-educated and well-trained repair staff. Our crew members are faithful, long-term employees of the company who are experts and take true pride in their craft. With this extensive knowledge, Cache Roofing is able to pinpoint problems and quickly and expertly repair them. We can handle and repair any roofing problem, regardless of the size, with full confidence in our loyal staff.

Important Investments

A roof is an important and expensive investment in your home and a critical part of your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Repairs & Maintenance Benefits

Early Leakage

The first sign of a roof problem is usually a leak. It is important to call us as soon as you see any sign of a leak because catching a weak area in the early stages often saves homeowners costly and more extensive repairs and replacement later.


A roof is an important and expensive investment in your home and a critical part of your home’s aesthetic appeal. Cache Roofing is dedicated to helping homeowners maintain the longevity and beauty of their roofs, and we therefore stress the importance of regular roof service and routine maintenance. We offer annual and semi-annual programs to keep your roof functioning perfectly and looking gorgeous.

Annual Service

With our annual service and maintenance program, we examine your entire roof on a regular basis and stop problems before they begin. Thus, the risk of leaks and the costly repairs they cause are minimized, and homeowners save money in the long run.

Beauty and Appeal

While the purpose of a roof is to keep your home dry and safe, tile and metal roofs are also investments that add to the beauty and appeal of your home. We want these roofs to maintain their beauty and integrity without the use of corrosive and toxic chemicals, which could actually damage integral parts of these roofing systems.

Repair & Maintenance

Cache Roofing is pleased to provide our customers with an environmentally friendly option for maintaining the beauty and functionality of these roofs. Cache Roofing is now certified with Roof-A-Cide , a system we use to clean your roof once with low-pressure washing, which will not damage the roof as high-pressure washing can. We then provide bi-annual Roof-A-Cide treatments to maintain the cleanliness of the roof and prevent algae, mold, fungus, and stains. This product is safe for your roof and the environment—and the results are astonishing!

Roofing Services

We have long-standing relationships with tile product manufacturers, and we are well respected in the community we serve. We can, therefore, guarantee you a superior quality roof at a fair price.

Our Partners

We use only the highest-quality materials from these trusted manufacturers.



We have been working with Cache for years, and can’t say enough about the professionalism and level of expertise they bring to the table.


Irina Johnson


This is the only company I will ever use to fix my tile roof. They are professional, dependable and they know what they are doing. Thank you Cache! I know I'm in good hands with you!




Very nice and informative! Love the ladies at this business!


Amber Cress


The crew that fixed our roof was very nice and they cleaned up everything before they left my house. I highly recommend Cache Co.!


Matt Igou

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