Roof cleaning to reduce fire risk

Fire Risk and Your Roof  

Welcome to spring! If you live in the Jacksonville area, you know that spring means warm and dry weather. While that is perfect for outdoor and beach activities – it also means the possible increase in wildfires in Northeast Florida. Cleaning your roof can help reduce fire risks.

While wildfires aren’t always top of mind, there are a few reasons and simple tips to think about to protect your home.

Florida Disaster says that fires destroy many homes and acres of wildland each year. 


Keeping your roof clean

Keeping your roof clean and clear of debris can help reduce fire risk to your home.

Florida Forestry explains on their website that wildfires in Florida occur at all times of the year, but that the Spring is usually when there is an increase in fire activity.

As we enter some of the driest months of the year, there are some things you can do to minimize fire risk.

A U.S. Forest Service Fire Lab’s research scientist, Jack Cohen found that many homes are lost to wildfires because of, “ignitions associated with the two most vulnerable parts of a home: the roof and the area immediately surrounding the structure.”

Florida Forestry and many Forestry divisions in the U.S. use Cohen’s research to find tips to help fight against wildfire damage.

This research shows that homeowners can also create what Florida Forestry calls a “defensible space” around their home to protect it.

This means keeping your roof and the 30 feet around your home clear of fire igniters such as flammable or dead vegetation.

Homeowners will also want to clear out what Florida Forestry calls “ladder fuels” that carry a surface fire to the roof of your home.

cache-roofing-Jacksonville Jacksonville roof cleaning and service

Don’t worry. Cache Roofing can help.

Cache Roofing has expert roofers in the Jacksonville area who can help keep your roof clean and clear of debris to help mitigate some of this fire risk.

Taking simple steps can help you protect your home in case a wildfire starts near your property. However, getting on top of your roof to clean away debris can seem like a daunting or even dangerous task, and that’s where Cache Roofing can help.

As a leading roofing company in Jacksonville, Fl, Cache Roofing wants to help you keep your home safe. “Cache wants to be there for you to help you reduce possible risk to your home,” Cache Roofing owner, Cindy Paquet said. Paquet also wants to ensure that what protects you is functional as well as appealing.

The knowledge and expertise of the Cache Roofing team can help to maximize and protect your roofing investment.

If you need help cleaning debris off your roof, call Cache for a roof cleaning service. Cache can help clear leaves, pine straw and dirt off your roof in a safe manner.

Many roofs, if cleaned incorrectly, can be damaged or weakened. Whether you have a metal roof, a tile roof or a shingle roof, Cache’s team can make sure it is cleaned correctly.

There are many reasons to keep your roof healthy, including reducing fire risk from your home.

Cache Roofing’s Worry-Free Roof Program can help you with full-service roof repair and full-service roof protection. Let Cache Roofing do the cleaning and maintenance for you so you don’t have to worry.


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