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The Importance of Cleaning Pollen Off Your Roof

Pollen season is here and it’s messy. Yellow and green dust floats through the air and covers the ground, your car and your house — especially here in the Jacksonville area.

What many people don’t know is that this pollen, if left to clump and dry, can cause a multitude of problems.

Visually, the pollen can cause immense staining on your roof. This can make your house look aged and dated, hurting your curb appeal and causing problems when it comes time to sell your home.

More importantly, pollen stuck on your roof can cause a dangerous and slippery situation on your roof. As layers of pollen sit, dry and turn black, it can become slippery. For homeowners, getting on top of the roof is difficult enough without the dried and potentially slippery pollen. Washing the pollen off your roof periodically can help mitigate this issue.

Pollen and Roof Damage

As pollen and dirt build-up it can clump and get underneath tiles. This causes water to flow where it’s not supposed to go. Water can then get into places it’s not supposed to and cause moister issues. It can also allow for pollen and dust to get into your home. Critters will also gather near these clumps and other debris that sits on your roof.

It’s important to clean off the build-up and other debris to keep the water moving off your roof correctly.

“This will help extend the life of your roof,” Cache Roofing in Jacksonville owner Cindy Paquet said.

The pollen build-up can also affect metal roofs. This build-up can add to the possible deterioration of the acrylic layer on a metal roof.

The pollen sticks worse with moisture such as when foggy or misty weather comes through. Unfortunately, a heavy ran doesn’t always wash it all off.

Cindy Paquet suggests a soft washing and scrubbing with water and soapy substance to help clean your roof of pollen build-up.

But who wants to get up on their roof and clean multiple times throughout the year? While it’s important, most people do not have time to spend getting up on their roofs and cleaning their roofs safely. Cache Roofing is Jacksonville’s leading tile, metal, and shingle roof contractor, plus, Cache Roofing offers roof cleaning and maintenance services.

Letting a professional service your roof also helps with the warranty on your roof.

Check into Cache Roofing’s Worry-Free Roof Program that helps customers save time, money and energy by having a professional maintain, inspect, and repair their roofs for them each month.

Keeping your roof clean may help your allergies.

Pollen season in Jacksonville

Pollen season means allergy season. Reducing pollen, dirt and debris build-up, and improper water flow can help reduce allergy symptoms.

Keeping your roof, porch, windows and other entrances clean of pollen can keep the pollen from entering your home. Many health experts say that keeping pollen out of your home can help with your allergies.

Mold can also trigger many allergy symptoms. It’s important to keep your roof and gutters free of build-ups to allow water flow properly off your roof. says: “Remove dead leaves near the foundation and gutters; they lead to dampness, which fosters mold.”

Cache Roofing can help you keep your roof clean. Just give us a call.

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