Meet the Owner

“It is truly important to love what you do.”

-Cindy Paquet

Meet the Owner

I had always wondered where my life would go in terms of career. I had searched far and wide for something that would make work feel more like a hobby, something I would enjoy doing. I had studied at Stetson University, I had been a personal trainer, I knew something physical would be my outlet.

I remember working across the street from some construction being done, and quickly noticed the roof. As an artist, the tiles blended perfectly and created this mesmerizing effect that immediately sparked something inside of me that made sense. I could create art with a practical need while staying physical and enjoying the outdoors. I had found it! Now, to figure out how.

I knew a cook from a previous position that was also a roofer. I went to him and asked if he needed any help. Making a little more per hour, I was excited to start. The crew had me doing one of the simplest of tasks during installation, yet I was watching and learning with each piece that was laid. I began asking questions and before too long the crew of five men became a crew of me and the cook.

I began to learn the codes and find the best and most proficient methods in tile roofing. I had found my passion. As a woman laying roof tile, I began to receive some noticeability in the industry. I was making a name for myself.

An all-girl roofing crew and company was created. We were some of the best installers around. We worked hard, with every detail meticulously calculated. The roofs had become my art. I was fulfilled in knowing that each roof was not only nearly perfect by installation, but they were beautiful.

Years later, I am still in this wonderful industry. The industry that protects every single asset to a family’s life. The industry that is also accepting and knowledgeable. An industry that has grown exponentially in numbers as well as the number of women in roofing.

As a proud member of the National Women in Roofing, I run my business with pride and acceptance of all people wanting to learn this beautiful and necessary art form. A roof isn’t just a roof. A roofer isn’t just a roofer. We are an industry of one, ensuring that what protects you is functional as well as appealing.

It is truly important to love what you do, and I am honored to have been supported by a community that allows me to continue doing what I love each day.

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