Tiles vs Shingles

Tiles vs Shingles

In the graph above you are able to see the length of time each roofing system should last in the Florida climate. The sun in this area takes a great toll on many roof systems and allows for minimal life expectancy in relation to the manufacturers limited warranties. In reality, a limited lifetime “50 year” shingle will last you nearly 20 years in our area. So lets do the math. With an additional average of $4 dollars per square foot in home value , and the cost of tile being only  an average of $1 to $3 dollars additional per square foot, the roof has already paid for itself. But lets look at the life expectancy table and why the upfront cost of tile is the best value in the long run.

We will look at an average 35 square (100 sq ft) roof for our calculations:


35 squares at the average $6/sqft = $21,000.00

Over 75 years we must replace 3.75 times equaling  $78,750.00



35 squares at the average $8/sqft = $28,000.00

Over 75 years we do not need to replace equaling $28,000.00

Add the $4/sqft of value and subtract from the cost of the tile roof=  $14,000.00

A difference of $64,750.00 making shingles exponentially more expensive over time.


Tile is less expensive

Over time you are likely to spend  nearly 3 times the amount of tile on shingle applications.


Tile adds value to your home

Having tile can add an average of $4/sqft to your home depending on the appraiser.



Annual maintenance is required but is minimal while most don’t realize ALL systems require maintenance.

Keep your roof healthy and clean without lifting a finger. We'll maintain your roof for you.